API Documentation for installing the VebstasPlugin on Third-party Websites EnglishAvailable in English only

Documentation for the VebstasPlugin

To install the plugin on your website, please follow along these few steps

Important: The VebstasPlugin has moved to our API, please update your script-tag.

Find your websites Vebstas-page

Start by navigating to the Frontpage of and type your websites url in the searchbox in the middle of the page. After pressing search, you'll be taken to your websites Vebstas-page, please allow this process a couple of seconds.

Claim the Vebstas-profile

To claim your websites Vebstas-page, please scroll down on your Vebstas-page, until you see the box "Do you manage this site?" on the right side of your reviews. Click the button Acquire to either sign in or sign up as a business, and follow the process till the end.

Create Plugin and get a Secret Key

Go to the Plugin's-page and create a new plugin for your newly claimed domain, then locate the Secret Key-property and copy the key. Tip: You can copy by pressing CTRL + C simultaneously and then paste with CTRL + V.

Make sure to include jQuery

The JavaScript library "jQuery" is a requirement. If you didn't already include the latest version of jQuery, please insert this script-tag into your sourcecode:

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Install the new VebstasPlugin

To install the new VebstasPlugin on your website, simply copy the code below and paste it where your old widget-code was. Remember to fill the blank data-key property with your Secret Key. If the Secret Key isn't provided in the data-key property, the plugin won't work or show at all. Referer to console.log.

<!-- VebstasPlugin | Visitor Feedback | -->
<script src="//" name="vebstasPlugin" data-key="[key]" data-lang="en" data-clip="br"></script>

Remember: Your Secret Key (and thereby the VebstasPlugin) is only compatible with the domain you registrered when creating the Plugin-entity. Referer to the Plugin-page of the VebstasManager for more information.


Use the following properties to customize your VebstasPlugin. Always make sure to pass the required variables, otherwise the plugin won't show. Properties which are not "required" will fallback to the property-default.

Property Code Required
Secret Key data-key="{value}" Required
Language data-lang="{value}" Not required
Position (Clip) data-clip="{value}" Not required

Property Examples

The data-lang property is defining the language of the Plugin-interface. Available properties are:

Language Code Example Availability
English en (default) data-lang="en"

All domains
Danish dk data-lang="dk"

All domains
Deutsch de data-lang="de"

All domains
Spanish es data-lang="es"

All domains
Norwegian no data-lang="no"

All domains
Swedish se data-lang="se"

All domains

The data-clip property is defining the position of the Plugin-interface. Available properties are:

Position Code Example
Bottom-right br (default) data-clip="br"
Bottom-left bl data-clip="bl"
Top-right tr data-clip="tr"
Top-left tl data-clip="tl"


If you have the old version of the plugin or widget, please make sure to change it on your website as soon as possible. As of october 2020, the VebstaWidget is no longer supported at all. Please referer to the following example for an idea of what to look for in your sourcecode. You can also search for "vebstaWidget" or "VebstasPlugin", by pressing CTRL + F.

<!-- PrivervVebsta Rating Widget -->
<script src="//" name="vebstaWidget" data-key="[data-key]"></script>
<!-- VebstasPlugin | Visitor Feedback | -->
<script src="//" name="vebstasPlugin" data-key="[data-key]"></script>
<!-- VebstasPlugin | Visitor Feedback | -->
<script src="//" name="vebstaWidget" data-key="[data-key]"></script>

Need help?

If you need help implementing the plugin, please contact us.