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Terms of Trade

These terms and conditions apply to goods / services purchased from, which are offered by one or more of the following legal owners, unless otherwise stated on the website in question, agreed in writing or follows from mandatory legislation. For convenience, all of the above legal owners are referred to under the collective term "Vebstas". The term "service (s)" and / or "service (s)" includes all types of services purchased, including services, advertisements, gift cards, vouchers and the like.

You must be at least 18 years old to order on Vebstas. When ordering goods at Vebstas, you confirm that you are 18 years or older. In addition, you accept Vebstas's terms of trade and terms & conditions of use of the website.


Orders for private individuals and associations are placed online and can not be made by telephone, unless this is clearly stated on the subpage in question.

When ordering, you state to Vebstas name, address, e-mail and other personal information, which is processed in accordance with Vebstas's terms & conditions of use.

After ordering and paying, you will receive an email with an order confirmation, which has an order number. This number must be used for correspondence with Vebstas. In cases where you buy vouchers that are intended for redemption from one of Vebstas's business partners, or otherwise purchase goods and services from Vebstas's business partner, the business partner is your contracting party. In such cases, Vebstas is only the intermediary of the offers from the business partner, and is therefore not a party to the agreement you enter into with the business partner with your purchase, unless otherwise provided by mandatory legislation.

Payment and Security

All prices quoted are indicative prices incl. VAT, taxes and duties. Vebstas reserves the right to make printing errors, price and price changes as well as technical errors that may have caused incorrect pricing. When paying at Vebstas, QuickPay ApS is used in connection with the purchase of services and payment by credit card.


The following delivery conditions apply if nothing else is stated on the subpage or follows from your agreement with the business partner. We point out that our partners' delivery conditions may vary, and you should therefore check these on the partner's website.

Force Majeure

Neither Vebstas nor the business partner is liable for non-fulfillment of its obligations under the agreement if the non-fulfillment of the transaction is due to force majeure or compelling circumstances and the parties should not have taken the obstacle into account at the conclusion of the agreement or later avoided it.

Right of Withdrawal

As a starting point, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal in accordance with Danish law when you shop on the Internet. This of course also applies to Vebstas and our partners. If you make use of the right of withdrawal, it is important that you provide your name, address, e-mail, telephone number and order number and any gift card or voucher number, so that we and our partner have the opportunity to identify you.

If you have purchased an item, the cancellation period runs from the day you receive the item. If you regret your purchase, you must notify Vebstas and the business partner before the expiry of the cancellation period that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal. You must return your item to the shipping address within 14 days after you have given notice that you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal. It is important that you receive a receipt from the post office stating that you have returned the item within the 14 days in case of delivery delays.

In the event of cancellation, we check that the return meets the conditions for this, and then the value of what was purchased is refunded to you. The value is the price you paid for the item, including delivery costs, unless you have chosen a form of delivery other than the cheapest that we have offered you. This applies regardless of whether the item has fallen or risen in price since your order.

The refund is made by a transfer to the payment card that was used at the time of purchase. If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, you pay any return costs yourself.

When delivering digital content, you do not have a right of withdrawal if you give consent for the fulfillment of the agreement to begin before the expiry of the withdrawal period, and acknowledge that you thereby lose your right of withdrawal. It will appear from your order confirmation that you have given consent for the fulfillment of the agreement to begin and that you have acknowledged that you are losing your right of withdrawal.

Errors, Complaints and Other Inquiries

If there are errors or problems in connection with your purchase on Vebstas, you can of course contact us by e-mail or using our contact form, and we will be helpful in solving the problem.

If you buy a product or service that is to be delivered from one of Vebstas's partners, you must contact the partner if you discover defects in the product, have received a wrong product, or the product otherwise proves to be defective. Vebstas is the sole intermediary in such transactions. Complaints to the business partner must be made within a reasonable time. This means that you must contact the partner per. email or phone and make the issue known as soon as possible. If the error cannot be remedied via e-mail or telephone, you will receive instructions on other solution options, such as repair or replacement of the item. After 2 years from receipt of the item, your right to make a complaint no longer applies.

Neither Vebstas nor our partners can be held liable for an amount greater than the value of the gift card / voucher.

Limitation of Liability and Reservations

Vebstas reserves the right to change these terms at any time. In the event of changes that may significantly affect you as a previous buyer, you will of course be notified of this per. mail. The applicable conditions will always be available in an updated version on

Vebstas reserves the right to make typing and / or printing errors on the websites, and cannot be held responsible for what a partner has stated on its own website.

We strive to make our website available around the clock, but for many reasons can not guarantee that the pages are in full operation at all times, fully updated and error-free. Vebstas cannot be held responsible for any consequences due to the use of the websites, such as damage to your computer system, loss of advertising time (when purchasing advertising for private individuals and associations) or loss of data.

You are responsible for the technical equipment and software required to use the websites, e.g. internet access, browser, e-mail, etc. Vebstas therefore disclaims responsibility for any loss caused by you using the service without following the technical requirements specifications and supplementary instructions.

Any complaints or compensation claims must be directed at the business partner, but we would like to hear about your experience. Such inquiries should be directed to our email.

Processing of Personal Data

When you shop at Vebstas, you are covered by our terms and conditions in connection with the submission of personal information.

Copying or manipulation of order confirmations, gift cards or vouchers and the like. is not allowed. In case of suspicion of violation of this provision, Vebstas reserves the right to pass on relevant collected information to the respective business partner or others involved.

Choice of Law and Disputes

Purchases through Vebstas, which are linked to the above terms, etc., are subject to Danish law. By using Vebstas, you acknowledge that any dispute between you and Vebstas regarding the above terms, etc., must be decided by the Danish courts, in more detail the Court in Hjørring, according to Danish law.

Contact Information

Vebstas can always be contacted by e-mail to

Vebstas ApS
Sct. Cathrine Vej 21,
DK- 9800 Hjørring
CVR-no.: 43132393

If your purchase relates to goods or services that are to be delivered from one of Vebstas's partners, or the purchase of gift cards / vouchers for redemption from our partners, the contact must be directed to the partner in question. The contact information on the partner in question appears as a starting point in the email you receive as confirmation of your purchase. You can also always find the contact information of the partner in question on the partner's website.